A flight up the Madeira River

Flight Details

Server: Expert

Route: SBPV - SBEG

Aircraft: Azul E195

I may start posting here with non-edits 🤷‍♂️, I don’t like to edit my photos.

A beautiful rotation out of Porto Velho. I can reassure you it was smooth, much to how the elevators look different.

A stunning view of Porto Velho, and the airport in the background

An interesting wing view, of the Maderia River.

The river is never ending! 😨

Whilst on right base to SBEG, we passed over the Amazon River, the welcoming sign to Manaus.

Another Azul aircraft! A beautiful A320. (I can’t higher the graphics on other aircraft weirdly, it’s at max)

SBEG is a airport with an interesting design, I like it. It it a pain to expedite departures due to the long time it takes to reach the end of the runway in a small aircraft.

Should I do this more?

*All these shots used Free Camera.


Great job using an airplane and airline that we never see on the IFC with the Azul E195! And I love the last photo when you’re “face to face” with the A320

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The wing view is cool!

Awesome pictures!

Thanks! Yeah I love using liveries and aircraft that aren’t really used. I enjoy fully realistic flights and aircraft, but just if I find something special that ,matches my time I’ll no doubt put it to use!

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