A Flight Too Short- Boeing 777-31(H)ER

Hi everyone, welcome back to another #screenshots-and-videos topic, today it is a very short flight on the Emirates B777 from Bahrain to Dubai. The flight is just about 300nmi long, which is one of the shortest routes by Emirates, with the other one being Dubai to Muscat. Featured is the approach and landing to Dubai, with the STAR taking us directly above the airport at 7000ft with excellent views of the Palm Islands and of course a moonshot!
(If you are wondering, 1(H) is the Boeing customer code for Emirates.)

Server: Training
Time: 1h 22min

At Bahrain with the sun setting and the moon behind…

V1, Rotate! That roar of the GE90s…

V2, Positive Rate, Gear Up! Or ‘nyoom’ for short…

Climbing past the Gulf as the sun sets…

The 777 eating mooncake goes ‘nyooom’ past the ‘moooon’…

Descending into Dubai with a nice wingview…

Today’s STAR takes us directly over the two runways at 7000 feet with the Dubai Palm Islands in the background…

Short final to 30L…

100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, landing. This was not as smooth because of the windshear on final…

Welcome to Dubai!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it!

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Great pictures! My favorite one is the 777 eating mooncake


It was so beautiful the Sunset very awesome‼️


Thank you very much!!

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My pleasure!

Great photos! I especially like the moon shot!

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I have been tagged

You know why?? I did.

Oh, this is why. Np, just trying to cause chaos

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Nice shots!


I love the glint of light on the engine in no!

I invented a new phrase: eating mooncake.

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Great pictures

When you fly this flight your altitude is FL260 fun fact

No I went up to 280.

Just try Bahrain to Dammam. Nothing compared to this flight. I did Doha to Dammam and was passing over Bahrain airspace and my ETE was 8 minutes while passing OBBI. Just, imagine OBBI-OEDF…

I’ve never tried it before, but thanks for recommending it!

No problem!

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Love the pics! 😍

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Well, when I see Emirates and Dubai, I know I cant skip this topic. Cool Pics!

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