A Flight to the City of Love

Hello IFC, and Happy Valentines Day!

This post brings my photos from a flight I did last night from Seoul to Paris. Enjoy!

Aircraft: Asiana A350
Server: Expert

Welcome aboard everyone! (Excuse the Nose Gear)

Goodbye, Seoul!

Cruising over Mongolia

Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our descent into Paris. Buckle up!

On final for runway 27R

A smooth touchdown in the city of love ❤️

Parked at the gate as a Lufthansa 747 departs 26R

Thank you for viewing this, and as always, feedback is welcome!

Which callsign did I use on this flight?

  • LOVE
  • Asiana 501 Heavy
  • JAY-636

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Enjoy this lovely Friday :)


If only I had someone to spend it with…

Anyhow nice shots, I especially loved this one:


Really great photos you have! That winglet veiw is profile photo worthy!

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Great shots as always Jared! As said above, that winglet photo is a stunner! 👌

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@Qantas094 you have Makenna
@anon24319801 @Butter_Boi Thank you!


Fair point, lol.

Nice Shots!

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Thanks everyone! I added a poll for a special question. Be sure to vote!

Looks great!


Great photos! Love all the different camera angles, the scenery, and the A350 (if only I could use it without it crashing…)


Thank you everyone!

The correct answer to the poll above is…


Good job to the 8% of people that got it right!

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I was racking my head for what the city of love meant, but Paris makes sense…

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