A flight to remember | Emirates flight to New Zealand

So yesterday night I attempted something that I have never done in my infinite flight journey. I did my first ever long haul flight. It was probably one of the best flights I have ever done in any flight simulator. That’s why this flight is something I will always remember. Enjoy my photos everyone :)

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER/Emirates Livery

Route: OMDB —> NZAA

Flight time: 15 hours and 12 minutes

Sever: Expert

Parked at the gate with a beautiful sunrise at dubai

Taking off from runway 12R with an A350 in the background. After takeoff, saying goodbye to Dubai and heading to New Zealand.

Cruising somewhere over the ocean at FL310

Hours later, I wake up to see I am over Australia

As I’m leaving Australia, I pass right over YSSY at my final cruising altitude at FL370.

Starting my descent into New Zealand.

Short final and touchdown at runway 05R.

So yes this was my very first long haul flight I have ever done. (I was gonna do Dubai to L.A. but my sim crashed Also not that I changed the time during the replay so u can see what’s going on). This will be a flight I will remember when doing flight sims. Love you infinite flight ❤

Credit to FpltoIF for giving specific information for my flight. Best flight sim planner for IF


Wow! Nice shots, I really like the color in the 6th shot. The one cruising over Sydney is nice too. Sounds like a fun route, I bet it’ll be really fun when they get to the 777-300ER rework.


I can’t wait for The 777-300 rework! As soon as it’s released i’ll be flying that Air New Zealand All blacks livery.


Ohhh wow beautiful pics I love the long haul route tho ive flown London to Auckland 22 hours with a refuel in Hong Kong.

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Congrats on your first long haul, great photos!

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