A flight to Orange,Australia

Today, my schedule shows that I’m flying from Sydney to Orange. The flight was very turbulent and the approach was really unstable but I still managed to land safely.

Flight details
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
59 minutes
Expert Server

Here are the photos and some captions:

1.At a remote stand at Sydney.

2.Engines started, moments before flight controls check.

3.Holding short of the runway while doing some before takeoff checks.

4.We have departed and will be at cruise in about 5 minutes.

5.We are currently cruising but the seatbelt sign is still on because of turbulence.

6.After an unstable approach and somewhat a hard landing, we are down.(The right gear is not touching the grass btw)

7.Welcome to Orange!


Very nice! Great shots too!

Thank you!

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