A flight to Heathrow….with a joystick

It’s just a normal Singapore to London flight….except I’m doing it with a joystick.

Yes, this is my first flight using a joystick and it went a little bit better than I expected(but I really want to scream after looking at my takeoff and landing.) but everyone has to start somewhere right?

Details(with joystick):
Singapore Airlines
Boeing 777-300ER
15 hours
This flight was done in the Expert server using the Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick.

10 photos

The journey starts here

Wing view for this flight

Had a slow rotation and a late gear up here



Oh look its day now

Some guy with a very good camera somehow took this from the ground(I’m still at 42,000ft)

London City

After a -200+ landing(-screams-)

Welcome to London Heathrow


Nice shots, do you think you would use the joystick over tilting your device?

What do you mean by this?

i like these photos

Zoom 100

As in, would you use your joystick for Infinite Flight for most of your flight?

yes indeed

Yes but there will be flights where I would not use it(Depends on some factors)

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Very nice photos. Buttt.
Irl FL420 is not RVSM Flight level, because from FL410 goes FL430, and next FL450. :)

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I still can’t remember the odd and even altitudes to fly when heading West/East

I always fly at even FLs when heading to Europe from Singapore and odd FLs to America from Singapore