A flight through Wine Country

Hey IFC 👋

A couple week ago I did a flight from 0Q9 (Sonoma Skypark) to KAPC (Napa) in the marvelous Cessna 172. Yesterday, when I was looking through the list of flights I have accomplished, I thought “hey, why not grab some pics from a GA flight?” And that’s exactly what I did, but with a bit of a twist. I would only use iOS editing software that was already on the iPad that I have IF on. I was genuinely impressed with how they came out. Have a look!

Time: a month ago
Flight time: around 10 minutes each way
Aircraft: Cessna 172

Here we are parked on the ramp.

Flip a few switches to make the engine go vroom vroom.

Lining up with 26…

Looking down Napa Valley

Turning final 18R

At the ramp grabbing a bite to eat at the cafe in the terminal.

Lining up again on 18R for the trip back home.

Turning final 26

10/10 centerline

Fueling up at Skypark for our next big adventure.

Thanks for viewing!



I love these, very realistic too!

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Thank you!

Epic pictures.

your title says ‘though’, I think you mean ‘through’

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Oh, thanks. I’ll get that rn

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Great photos!

This is the best 😂

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Thanks! Switches that make you go vroom vroom are the best!

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Love the first photo! for it is 👌perfection👌

You gotta love GA pictures.

Keep up the good work!👍

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Thanks! Pretty good for basic iOS editing software, eh?

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oh absolutley!

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WOW! This is great shots!

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Thanks! That’s one of my personal favorites!