A Flight Review to Remember

Today September 30th,2018 started off like any other day. I drove down to my local Class C airport to meet at the flight school where i would be doing my BFR. I got the airport 40 minutes early to preflight N5041E. Preflight went normal and so did the takeoff and review.

The Return:Problem 1 Coming back form 4M3 the airport at which we did our flight maneuvers, Little Rock Approach was busy for a Sunday Afternoon. About 15 miles from the airport, and after contacting approach and recieveing our code, neither myself nor my instructor could here one another. After, trying to figure out the radio problem, my instructor called his airplane and squaked 7600 and tried making radio contact with ATC.

The Shutdowm: While doing the ground portion of my BFR, we get a call from the FBO that our now parked airplane was still squaking a code. So, with the tower on the line, myself and instructor, went out to the plane to figure out what the heck was wrong.

Needless to say, my 2 years of flying, this is the first time, ive ever had to talk to tower on the landline and squak 7600.

Disclaimer: NO we did not violate any Regs. Tower called us and told us about the problem


You ever find out why you were still squawking after shutting down?

Have no idea! Looked for a good 40 minutes. Put it down in the MX book and put the airplane in MX for them to look at it

What’s MX? This was interesting to read. Maybe something was wrong with the radio and transponder…



MX is maintence. Been flying since 2014 never had any issue like that. But glad it was wothcan instructor

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That’s good you were with an Instructor.

Was the registration of your instructor’s plane N7553B?

But this was an interesting trip report!

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Is the transponder part of the radio mechanism? Like could it be a widespread breakage with that whole thing?

no, we were in a school airplane. it was N5041E

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yah it was. theres always a first

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im not too sure about that at all. good question

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Why is there a little bit of the white line? Was the plane not trackable in that area?

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Correct. The green lines were with when we had ATC tracking us and the grey is when we didn’t meaning we had 1200 in our transponder


WOW, very unique experience. Glad it all went well in the long run.

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That is not true, gray is when there is no data received for your flight through any of FlightAware’s services or providers. Basically it tries to link where you appeared again with where you left.

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We’ll be curious see what caused your squawk to still squawk after you shut down

What an interesting experience! Glad you are ok. :)

I’m just as interested as you are