A flight on the Queen - Trip Report

So yeah I’m back aren’t you guys happy? (Get it, because you’re not?)

Anyways on Saturday I flew from KJFK - EHAM on the KLM 747-400, seat 72 (upper deck). It was pretty darn great, especially considering the unfortunate fact that the queen is slowly disappearing.

Anyways, to the photos/other stuff.
The Queen!

My seat (features)

  • Lie Flat
  • Outlet
  • 15 inch screen
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Amenity kit (all the usual stuff)
  • And a surprisingly nice pillow and blanket

A few photos from the flight deck (The pilots were super nice to allow me in before the flight)

Yes they said that it was ok if the back of their heads were in the photo.

Ok so here are my meals/food. I managed to forget to photograph the main course and the breakfast. Anyways from top to bottom they are.

Peanuts and some Soda before the flight

Smoked trout with potatoes and herb purée (I’m reading off the menu so yeah)

Then the main course was Italian stuffed chicken with spinach and herb fregola pasta

For dessert a Vanilla Mouse

And then coffee/tea with a little chocolate (I declined the coffee because I wanted to sleep)

Finally for breakfast, there was was a turkey ham and cheese strata with fruit salad, smoked salmon, and hot rolls.

Overall, a great flight with KLM.


Very nice topic, enjoyed reading it!


Lucky! I have never flown Business class. I have been on a B747 once on the lower deck ☹️


Looks awesome! Hope you had fun!

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I just wanna know what you did to get suspended twice😂😂😂 good post though love it

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Umm well I got suspended twice, but I haven’t been suspended for the last year…
Not sure what this has to do with the post but ok thanks dude.

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Sorry my picture was off topic. Wonderful photos

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