A Flight on Casual Server: What a Contrast

Extremes meet each other

This morning I decided to take a little trip to the casual server after a long time. Why? Well, I thought to myself that this will certainly open up some possibilities for screenshots that you don’t normally have. When users fly without rules, they dare more from time to time. You get more freedom, more playful possibilities. This is exactly what I wanted to find, so I sat down in the beautiful Infinite Flight Airbus A350 and flew from Philadelphia to New York JFK. And indeed, I have actually discovered some possibilities for exciting pictures. On the final approach to runway 31R, for example, an F22 joined me and escorted me to the ground. I was amazed at the precision with which the user proceeded. He always followed me in exactly the same vertical and horizontal distance just right behind and above my airplane.

But my favourite picture of this flight was taken during a low pass at JFK airport. During my approach Air Force One suddenly rolled onto the runway in the opposite direction. If this would have been Expert Server, this would have been an instant ghost of course. But that’s the great thing about Casual: No rules. And so I continued my approach for the Low Pass. At this point I would like to state that although there are no rules on Casual, it should not be misused for active trolling. This has not happened in this case. The situation arose spontaneously and was not actively sought. Air Force One stopped calmly on the runway and waited until I had completed my overflight. Then it took off, in the opposite direction. The second picture in this post was taken at the exact moment of the overflight. A situation which hopefully you will never encounter on the Expert Server. But the Casual Server made it possible.

It remains to be said: As much as I was enjoying my trip to our playground, I then again enjoyed the professionalism of our IFATC team on the Expert Server all the more. Both servers are in complete contrast to each other. It is fun to explore them. Now I wish you a nice weekend. Take care and many happy landings.



Wow Marc great Job you got some talent in the photo industry! 👐😎

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Very cool ! Great catches ✈️⚡️

Casual server:

Air force 1
Unusual aircraft in unusual airports
Low cruise altitudes


Casual Server: Ridiculous
Expert Server: Professional
Training Server: Disaster

Great photos, @Marc! And that F-22 has to be one of the most precise fighter pilots I’ve seen on casual.


I love Casual server for the same reason you never know what type of Air Show you are gonna get and its all the more entertaining.

Like i have gone to casual to test the capabilities of the Warthog or A-10 to see if it could do sustain flights upside down and was super impressed but i wouldn’t dare do that on Expert near LAX that’s a ghosting waiting to happen.

I think it’s very lucky to meet some pilots like them, as they can control their fighters and have patience to wait for your landing. When I fly at causal server mostly I will find some jets that went through me when I am landing and planes simply ignore me and take off.