A flight like no other... (1 photo added!)


It is with heavy heart and sadness to say that unfortunately, my subscription has ended.
I don’t even know where to begin about this incredible journey so far. I’ve learnt some things about aviation that I will cherish, and never forget. Wether those were awesome group flights, awesome stalls, awesome crashes, but most importantly, realism, and professionalism. Reaching Grade 5 during this time was a very big achievement, and will always try my best to jeep up with the landings. lol

IF is a very unique simulator. The amount of hard work and patience that these devs take into this game is purely insane. And I would like to thank them. Not only the devs, but also the IFATC that make IF different from any other simulator.

So my last flight was from:

LYBE (Belgrade) --> EDDF (Frankfurt) --> EGLL (London. H) --> LFPG (Paris) --> EDDF (Frankfurt) --> LSZH (Zurich) --> EDDF (Frankfurt)

Thats right, I managed to visit the main cities in Europe, and I can’t be more happy. It was the perfect way to end.

Flight time for today, was a whopping 7 hours and 36 minutes.

So here come the pics, I hope you enjoy them ;)

  1. Blasting out of Belgrade airport

  1. final approach at EDDF

  1. Parked next to some fellow pilots at EDDF

  1. Beautiful wing view over France

  1. Approach into Frankfurt am Main

  1. Ascending through FL130 out of Zurich with alps in the background

  2. Parallel landing with Lufthansa B748 into Frankfurt

  3. Lonely A320 in London

Well, those were the pics of my final flight. I hope you liked them!
And as always. see you around, or in the skies!

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Thanks for watching! :)


Nice photos! Hope to see you soon in Infinite Flight skies :D


Incredible pictures!


Thanks @Matevz_Treven and @Jack_Q!

Since school starts soon, I doubt I’ll be able to get another subscription anytime soon… :(


Awesome buddy nice pics 👍🏽👍🏽😁I saw you take off


Thanks a lot Armani! Much appreciated!



I’m very appreciative of the time we spent, even if we actually met and flew a few weeks ago!

It was a pleasure to work as ATC for Your event, even if there were a few mishaps. The formattion flights with You and @Butter_Boi also opened me up to the community more and were very enjoyable!

I look forward, to the times where You renewed Your subscription and we’re once again flying almost every day!

Thank You and have a nice break!

~ Ignas P.


Thanks a lot @Ignas04!

See you in a few months 😉


Great pictures, thanks for sharing! I hope you’ll be back in the IF-skies at some point.

Small correction for picture 5: That’s the approach into beautiful Frankfurt!


Amazing photos, hope to see you in the skies again one day !



I am so sorry your subscription ended, even though we only started flying together about a week ago. Those flights together were amazing, fun and helped open all of us to the community. We eventually ended up with 8 people doing flights now and then! It has been amazing and I hope to see you in the IF skies once your subscription is renewed, cheers!


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Even though I don’t know you too well, I know that some people do, and you’ll be missed. Nice pictures, I hope you enjoyed your final flights! Not to be a bummer or anything but you spelt Frankfurt wrong.


Oops! I mixed it up! Thanks for the correction, and thanks mate!


Thanks mate, I will make sure to fix that mistake


Thanks mate, see you within some time :)


Love the cockpit-view on the 5th one!

Sadly my sub ended a week ago :/

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Thanks mate!

Unfortunately at one point or another, out subscription will end. It’s not unlimited…
(I wish it was lol)

Number 4 was legendary. I’m so sorry to hear about your subscription though.

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Hey everyone! I just realised I forgot to add a photo. Make sure to check out the moonshot!

Unfortunately I couldn’t add that photo into the poll.


Thanks mate :)