A flight from Tokyo to nowhere. Yes to nowhere

Hey, just a few hours ago I did a flight from Tokyo to Chubu. At least that was the plan, unfortunately, my iPad disconnected mid-flight. But I still got some good photos so I thought I would post them here.

Route: RJTT-nowhere
Cruising- speed: mach 0.72
Highest altitude reached: 16,700 feet

The pictures:

Parked at gate

Tried to get a realistic shot. Think it worked

Big brother. When life gives you a photo opportunity you take it.

An incoming a330 by Thai. My personal favourite of today

Lining up at runway 34R

Liftoff! 3 planes in the background, Thai a330, JAl a350 and ANA a330.

Climbing out of Tokyo

Still climbing with territorial Japanese waters to our right.

reaching 16,000 feet

Does this even need a caption?

Hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow il post a flight from KSAN to KLAX.

I’m open to feedback


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Some lovely pictures you have there mate, but unfortunately they don’t adhere to the #screenshots-and-videos category rules that I’ve linked below for you:

As per the category rules above for the #screenshots-and-videos category, all HUD views, sidebars and display name and boxes must be hidden.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Take care mate!

Ok, il fix them in a bit. thanks :)

No worries mate. Thanks for the understanding!

finished …

This honestly looked like a United a320 lol

Parked at gate


NGL I was looking at my phots and I thought that too

I liked the part when the landing happened.

Just kidding I’m being dumb. These are some lovely photos