A flight from the Mediterranean Capital to the Warm and Isolated town of Illizi

Today I decided to head back to one of my favourite regions of the world - The Sahara Desert. Having explored Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt (for the most part), I decided it was time to visit Algeria, in a livery I doubt many people know even exists.

Route Info:

Flight Number: SF2364
Departure Airport: Algiers Houari Boumediene (DAAG) 🇩🇿
Arrival Airport: Illizi Takhamalt (DAAP) 🇩🇿
Aircraft Tassili Airlines Dash-8 Q400
Flight Time: 2hr 30m

The Photos:

Starting our taxi towards Runway 27 at Algiers

Lined up with the sun rising behind us

Wheels up just before 0800 local time

Starting our bank south towards Illizi

Views of the Mediterranean Sea

After roughly 2 hours in the air, we begin descent into Illizi

Turning downwind over Tassili N’Ajjer National Park

Gear down with the airport in sight

Finally touching down around 1030 local time after battling some crosswinds

I would have taken a picture at the gate but there wasn’t one so I couldn’t

Thank you for viewing and I hope you liked the pictures

It is certainly a route I would do again, and would definitely recommend

especially if you only fly in Europe/The US

To anyone interested...

Here is a link of the routes Tassili Airlines operate in the marvellous Q400

 Nice Foto's !!!👍

thank you :)


If only we had the Air Algerie livery, so people can explore Algeria more than now.

Awesome pics @candrej!


thanks, yeah I’d love to see both the Air Algerie and Tassili 737-800 one day, they both operate some awesome routes

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Nice pics as always Charlie! Flew the Tassili Dash 8 to Griss a couple weeks ago and it was one of the most fun flights I’ve done in a while! Surely beat any USA Domestic flight I’ve done


Thanks for your kind words. Domestic routes in Algeria really are nice, i’m very glad we have this awesome livery.

Even if we didn’t, I still probably would be doing the routes in the Generic Q400 lol

Your photos are very beautiful. Congratulations on the idea of ​​flying, I will also explore this region.

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Thank you very much, I’m glad i’ve persuaded you to fly here 😎