A flight from PGUM-PHNL

So i’ve decided to do a flight from PGUM-PHNL after i came back home from school.

Flight details are below


Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Airline: United Airlines
Flight time: 07:25 hours

It was a pretty fun flight.

Let’s get started!

Let’s start off with Takeoff!

Take off

Climbing (Andersen Air Force Base can be seen from the background)


Cruising again




Touch down
What was your favorite photo? Say it down in the comments!


Very cool! I’ll be flying that route in a few weeks! Didn’t realize it was almost 7:30 hours 😂

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Guam not many people fly there! I was actually born there


picture 7 is my favourite

nice. Where is Guam?

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean kind of near Southeast Asia. It is a US territory and united has a base there I think.

Here’s Guam! Lots of smaller islands “near” it. It’s also near the Mariana Islands

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Please wear a mask and be safe :)

Nice photos! -csg

Picture 7 is on point!