A flight from LFPG(Paris Charles de Gaulle) to LIRQ(Florence Vespucci)

  • This flight was from LFPG to LIRQ, note that this was the first time for me flying to LIRQ so this was a very challenging landing as the runway was a very short one.

  • Here I take off from Charles de Gaulle with the beautiful sun behind me about to set.

  • I am now about to get in Switzerland and also about to pass right above the beautiful alps, and by the way, is it just me or do the sunsets in IF look beautiful?

  • We are above the alps right now, arriving closer and closer to our destination.

  • We start the descent to Florence right now, that moons looks incredible!!

  • I touch down on the centreline, but at the same time a bit roughly as it do t want to waste any runway at all.

Please point out on anything that I could improve. Also tell me which photo you liked the most😉.


Make sure you turn your brightness up! Great pics!

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Thank you!

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Beautiful picture over the alps!

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Nice shots! The Alps are beautiful!

Thank you!

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Great pics like @Sashaz55 said turn the brightness up as it’s hard to see when dark outside.

Just take a look at this template it helps a lot. This way it makes the post more interesting and people are going to most likely want to view your post. Otherwise good job.

Thank you and I will look at that

Nice picture.

What was your aircraft?

It was the A320

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Wow, you were brave taking an A320 to a 5000ft runway, haha.