A flight from „Frankfurt (EDDF) to Zagreb (LDZA)“

  • Aircraft and Livery: Bombardier CRJ-900 / Lufthansa

  • Route: EDDF - LDZA

  • Time of Departure: Today at 0900z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: I will pushback first. You copy my flightplan and follow me with distance.
    Our flight level will be 35,000 ft.
    Whan you have 101 NM left you go to
    11,800 ft.
    When you have 34 NM left go to
    7,300 ft.
    When you have 21 NM left go to
    4,500 ft.
    On 13 NM you go to 3,000 ft and active Approach mode or you land manuel.
    Answer me under this and you will signed up.
    My callsign will be NSV0707B
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Sounds LIke A great Group Flight! I’d love to come but my IF sub ran out!

Oh thats bad.
I wish you a nice day anyway

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Did anyone now a „patrik pau“ ?
He stole my NSV callsign!

Sounds like a great event.
It seems you’ve missed out a few things. You also might want to fix your title up.
For more information please check out:


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