A flight from Central American Mountains to Mexican Beaches

This is my first flight from this area of Central and North America, and I recommend it since I highly enjoyed it.

From Guatemala City to Cancun with Volaris on the Training Server

Mountains right after leaving Guatemala City “La Aurora” Intl. Airport, this airport is quite high, 1509 meters of elevation! It’s not Lukla, but it’s still something

Cruising near La Ciudad de Cobán

After flying near Belmopan, Belize’s capital, we had (without lying) a not so good approach
(Sorry, for some reason it wouldn’t let me crop the HUD)

Landing in Cancun, we’re already near the beaches!

Unloading passengers after this (quite cool) flight

Have a great day (or night)!


Just So you know! You’re not supposed to have the HUD in your photos, when in replay mode, click the camera button in the bottom right and you’ll get clear photos! And Higher graphics always help

You can read this post by @MishaCamp for more information on the category! :D
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👍 Thanks for the tip

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No problem, if you have any more questions I’ll answer them :D

Neither Guatemala or Mexico are located in South America FYI
Mexico is a part of North America, while Guatemala is located in Central America.

@Jetcentric the title says from Central America (Guatemala) to Mexico (Mexico)

I’m sorry if it was unclear.

Thank you.

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Oof, sorry about that,

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Nice pictures! It’s weird to see Cancun without the 3D buildings…