A flight by Antarctica: LA804 MEL-SCL

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Date: 8th August 2019
Origin: Melbourne Tullamarine Airport(YMML/MEL), Victoria, Australia 🇦🇺
Time of Departure🛫: 0614Z_
Departure runway: RWY34
Destination: Arturo Merino Benítez(SCEL/SCL), Pudahuel, Chile 🇨🇱
Time of Arrival🛬: 1854Z
Arrival runway: RWY17R
Flight time: 12:40H
Airline: Latam Chile
Flight: LA804/LAN804
Callsign: LAN CHILE 804
Aircraft: Latam Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Final cruise altitude: FL400

Remarks: This was my first flight crossing the South Pacific. I’ve always wanted to do such a flight and this schedule gave me a grand opportunity.

Positive climb…

Final turn out of Melbourne

Antarctica, no man’s land

British engineering at work 💪

Good morning 🌞 from the South Pacific

Somewhere at 60°S,130°W cruising at FL390

First signs of life. Finally approaching the South American West Coast

Lan Chile 804, turn right heading 150, descend and maintain 5000 until established on the localizer, cleared for the ILS approach runway 17L

Always nice to have a parallel approach 😀

Spoilers extended, reverses green, decel


Some pictures may be dark, so for a better visual, brightness should be increased.


Awesome 😆😆

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Thank you so much.

Really cool, I would say turn up the brightness a little

A tip I learnt from @Butter_Boi


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Awesome pictures here. ☺️


I love the distant mountains on the seventh one!

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I’ve always wanted to do that shot. The Andes are really beautiful.

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