A flight between Colombias 2 newest major 3D airports

In the 23.1 update we got 268 new 3D airports out of those 268, we got 3 in Colombia those being SKBG, SKCL and SKGO ( even though SKLT is said to be 3D it isn’t ) so I decided to fly between the 2 new international airports today ( SKCL and SKBG ) hope you enjoy!

Origin: Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl ( SKCL )
Destination: Palonegro Intl ( SKBG )
Flight Time: 0:46
Airbus A320 ( Avianca)
Server: Training

Todays flight starts at the good old Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl Airport in Palmira which is not only the bigger of the 2 in terms of size, passenger movements and aircraft limitations, it is also my personal favorite of the 2 it was built by Andrés and I have to say it has definitely got me flying out of SKCL more often than before love how it turned out I knew it was gonna be good once I saw SKRG back in 22.8 also built by Andrés but anyways let’s get going!

Taking off SKCLs RWY 02 leaving an amazing terminal behind while before it was just flat land, this really gave more life to el valle and Colombia in general 💛💙❤️

Climbed up only to FL260 due to the short flight time but this didn’t stop me from seeing this amazing view of the Colombian Andes below 🏔️❤️

Again because of the short flight time we were now in Bucaramanga and preparing for landing at Palonegro Intl Airport ( SKBG )

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Palonegro Intl Airport serving the city of Bucaramanga 👏🏼

Stepped out onto the ramp to take this shot 📸 of the A320 who flew us almost across the country along with this really well built terminal from Teized, and I got to thank all the scenery editors in Colombia for giving more life to our country, hopefully someone is working on SKBQ 💛💙❤️


Hola me podrías decir quien está haciendo BAQ (SKBQ)

No se quien lo está haciendo o como está en progreso

Amazing pictures good job