A Flash back from the Warsaw Fly out Event.

Warsaw Chopin Airport Fly out Event: Replay.

Hey everyone,
This is just a view of my previous screenshots taken on my last event taken place in Poland’s Capital, Warsaw. Half of the gates here was taken, up to 23 people attended my fly out. This massive haul, happened just yesterday. This was my second event, I was amazed on how many people has taken part on that particular day.

For today I have taken four pictures. Have a look.

One - A Quick Preparation.

As soon as I spawned, users already gathered around their spot. I was amazed as everyone spawned quickly on time.

Two - A LOT Boeing 737 Line up.

Yep, I was one of them, the second last in line. A good shine of the sun gives away an extra effect. This line up also takes place during the event Preparation. I was Filing a Flight Plan to Amsterdam.

Three - Heavy Line up.

Up to four LOT Boeing 787’s lined up for their departure. Departure lists as follows: New York, Singapore, Chicago and Toronto.

Out in the far side: Air Canada took part on a group flight to Toronto. An Emirates 777 en route to Dubai and also Qatar 787 departing towards Doha.

Line up, Roll out!

View of a 737 departure, @IFliPlanes en route to London Heathrow. 👋
This taxiway resulted into a perfect line up, so the ATC left since he had to.


Thats it for now.

A HUGE Thanks to LOT Virtual taking part, and my fellow IFATC, @mkwiecek which successfully controlled everyone out of Warsaw. A big thanks to all the 23 users taking part. It was a great day. It resulted me becoming quite busy! 👍

And, I was quite lucky to have such a great opportunity yesterday for the IFATC Airports. Europe’s busiest Airports including Amsterdam, Heathrow, Helsinki, Frankfurt and much more was opened for the full day! Thanks Tyler.

Unfortunately that’s the only four pictures I have. One other pic seems not to appear for some reason.


What a nice photo of my plane! The event was really fun :D

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Wow I should have come to the event. Maybe next time


I wish I was there too…

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@Ghost_pilot and @Ecoops123 we have another event coming up in Athens, scheduled in the 20th of June. You can come along if you wish to take part!