A fix to the night time

Its nearly impossible to fly at night in this game so some sort of fix would be great

It can only be fixed when you tell us what exactly should be fixed. Why arent’t you able to fly at night?

I think he’s about to drop the “night lighting” feature request. Now is your fair warning don’t because it will be a duplicate topic

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When i fly its way too dark to see anything, runway markings etc

Don’t do it

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why do people on these forrums take everything so seriously and get angry, jesus christ, its a game! No need to get so serious

Please don’t make duplicate posts. Just add your point of view here

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I wasn’t getting angry. I was just warning you becuase you were hinting at night lights which was already a topic. If you requested a topic that has been already discussed before the topic you made would get deleted.

It’s not yet (technically) a duplicate post since (technically) he hasent requested anything. I was just warning him don’t request because then it would be a duplicate post.

I knnow what you did. No need to explain something to a basic user. You did it right and I was providing Orlando with an already existing feature request.

Only explain what you did, when a moderator asks you to do so :D

Yeah when they ask. Basically think of it as I prevented him from “getting in trouble”. Any user whether he is mod or just joined should be corrected or at least told that he’s made a mistake in a nice way. What I did here was a simple warning that since he hasent requested anything (again technically) he isn’t breaking a rule. By doing this you get rid bad habits early and the forum becomes a nicer place and more organized place 🙂

Also, the regilars on here have another level up because they have enough experience on the forums to be trusted. And those who are trusted, usually are serious. Those who are out of their minds, eh, not so much…

My point is that seriousness needs to be on forums to keep it safe for everyone.

Now let’s get back on track here. It was a features request that was already been requested. Not a post where an argument starts.

Thank you for your time

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That’s kind of when it gets out of hand and i’m not going to put my input into that because things have gotten terribly wrong in the past