A First for the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport - The Boeing 777-200 by Omni Air

Image Source from a local spotter

Our Airport see’s many types of aircraft, but has never seen a Boeing 777 until now!

Our tiny airport here in Manchester, NH got their very first Boeing 777-200 aircraft from Omni Air International!

I Didn’t hear about it until a friend of mine tagged me on a post today. We rarely ever get wide body Passenger airliners unless it’s a diversion or charter, as shown in this photo.

Our airport can service airplanes as large as the Boeing 747-400, and with the runway nearly 9,800ft long, it’s long enough for flights to Europe and the west coast.
This is the very first time a Boeing 777 aircraft comes to visit the airport, and we hope it can come back again soon so I can catch it landing, as it’s a very rare sight to see at MHT.

Our Airport, while regional, has US Customs located at the Signature FBO, which processes International Arrivals when they arrive into MHT.

This Omni 777 took off as a troop charter flying our US Soldiers to Germany.

What was the biggest aircraft that was handled at your local airport?


No my picture, it’s from a local spotter in my area :)

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Glad that a 777 finally went to your home airport. Omni 777s are a common sight for me at KBWI

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Yes! MHT has now seen every Boeing Aircraft land at their airport, from the old 707 to the 747!

We can happily say, we’ve serviced every type of Boeing Aircraft now :)


The Air Force One I think is the biggest that has been to GRR.


Not sure, and @BigBert10 can correct me, but both United and Air India have flown their 744s to San Jose, and I believe those were the largest! :)

We used to have nonstop MD11 KSJC-RJAA service with American Airlines

I don’t know about Air India’s B744, but I do know that United would charter a B744 into KSJC from time to time until they were retired of course.

We also had a B777 Japan Airlines charter into KSJC a little over a decade ago I think

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The AN225 at IAH is the largest we’ve seen!

I know there was an American 747SP for a while, when American did not have the MD11 at SJC, and about the Air India, the Prime Minister came to visit which is why they chartered the 744 into San Jose

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That I did not know XD

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Biggest plane at MSP: AN-225 followed by A380, 747-8, 744, 742, A346

My local airport, more an airbase, it’s LFXB. Just search you’ll understand. I never seen plane (except one time below) landing here (normal). So I think the largest was a Cessna 172.

Here at KPDX we have a daily 748f from Cathy Pacific operated by Atlas air and the largest aircraft we’ve handled is the AN124 but we do get some triple 7s that land in KPDX to get painted and then they fly back up to Everett

Here in Shannon the fly there almost everyday, as a stop before the Atlantic Ocean. They fly mainly to most military airports around the world. Most of these Omni aircrafts that fly to Shannon are from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan or many places in the US such as Killeen (as I remember).


Creds: S.Kustov, Jetphotos

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Biggest CVG has ever seen is the A380. Nice shots of that 777.

Usually the charters land at KPSM (Pease) I’m surprised it landed in Manchester

Sorry for the late reply, yes, usually charter like these types go to PSM, but I’m very glad it came to MHT for once, I wish I knew why it came to MHT though

On a regular basis, we get a Singapore Airlines 777-200ER 4 times a week, but back in 1987, Wellington accommodated an Air New Zealand 747 on it’s very short runway! In recent times however, we got Airbus to bring an A350 for short runway testing, but unfortunately I wasn’t in town when it came!

The biggest airplane that’s landed at KDFW is the Myria :)

The largest regular aircraft at Jersey EGJJ is British Airways or Easyjet A318/9
But once back in the 80s a British Airways L10-11 Tristar landed here to help clear a backlog of passengers after days of fog, The runway is 5500 ft long so it was weight restricted for take off. Also ground crew had no stairs big enough to reach the tristar so they had to improvise. F16TristarLands
Photo courtesy of theislandwiki.net

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