A Finnish Adventure

Hello all, I’d like to share some photos of my flight from Hong Kong to Helsinki.

Flight Details 🇭🇰 > 🇫🇮

Flight Time: 9hrs 20mins
Server: Training Server
Aircraft: A350
Airline: Finnair


Hope you enjoy the photos

Loading the cargo, we have @AviationFreak’s airplane models, @Hardlanding_Hussain’s top secret Finnair Documents, @Suhas’s extremely big 4K camera and @Ecoops123’s English tea and crumpets.


image|800x600 !


Thank you for looking at my photos!

Don’t forget to look at my previous photos


Those are some amazing pics right there


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I’m drinking tea right now 😂

And crumpets… put a bunch of chocolate spread on it (not nutella because I’m allergic to nuts) and you’ve got yourself a dream meal for a sweet tooth 😍

Nice photos, hope you enjoyed the flight!

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Lol I guess it was the right time then

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