A few what I would call crash landings

I know this am odd thing to ask, but I’ve been flying a few times and had some crash landings or at least I would call them crash landings that have counted towards my landings. This has happened on casual when I was flying the p 38 and the second time I cessna jet (forgotten its name) and missed the runway or at least I think I did, the p 38 I flipped on landing and brought it diwn on its undercarriage after I landed and bounced off the runway I have the replay for both if it helps. Any clarification would help as I am a bit confused here.

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If you make it onto the runway then I can see that it would be possible for it to count, in other cases though it is odd.

Did all gear touch down on runway? Isnt all gear needs to be touched down to make it count?

If you miss the runway make sure you just slow down if you think you are too fast. Make sure your Flaps are full to slow down the aircraft, use a lot of Trim for a smoother touchdown and make sure not to land over or after the touchdown zone. And yes, make sure your aircraft stops fully without crashing.

If you crash, the landing should not count. As I am quite sure enough anyways…

Also, I have not flown in the P38 for a while now.

@GatwickGuy for the cesna, i bounced the front and left wing landing gear on the run way, as for the p 38, I I just touched all the undercarriage down and flipped immediately after, so that obe I can understand

thanks for that my friend, I got it noted.

If you make to the runway without actually crash, I think the worst words u will use is bad, terrible landing. I won’t use crash landing. In real life aviation, people usually use the term hard landing, used most when the touchdown G-forces greater then the limit of the plane or airline regulations.

Maybe you weren’t long enough on The runway.

thanks that’s cleared up a lot for me now that I kniw the exact way they count, and would explane the cesna counting then I was on for all of 30 seconds on the runway with that one, according to that I had clean landing when I ran on the runway a before going bush walking, thank you for pointing that post out.

Watch some tutorial, you will get the hang of it.

@Chatta290 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk @Airchina789
Thanks for sorting this out for me, and all your advice as well. All is good now thats me more clear on things.

Ok! That is no problem. Also check out the Live Landing Count link that @GatwickGuy pointed out. I always help around others if I can, that is no problem!

@GatwickGuy @Chatta290 @Airchina789
here the link to the pucs I posted for the p 38 landing, daytime ones show it better

Those pic are hilarious :D …I don’t think it will count as landing. More like mopping the runway ;)

I know, that’s why I was suprized it count, I watched both of them back and I was all gear down for a minute on the runway before I flipped, so not too suprized. Anyway comment on that post as this is going off topic and since its cleared up it no longer neccersry to respond here.

A landing is registered when the main gear makes contact with the runway. There are additional requirements to prevent double counting but that is the main thing. There is no time limit needed.

If your main gear touches and then you flip over, it counted.

I also moved this out of support as it is not a support topic.

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Ok thanks for that clarifcation, I kinda just chucked it in support I wasn’t too sure as to where it ahould have gone. Sorry for not posting in the right area.

its the Cessna Citation X, the only cessna “jet” in the game :) ;)

Make sure your VS upon landing is less that -1000 fpm

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