A few things that will make infinite flight much better.

Infinite flight is a great simulator and is one of my favorite mobile apps. However, here are some things that’ll make my experience much better.

Pop up buildings and control tower
Splash animation during water landings
Animated glass panels in cockpit
Two throttles for twin engine aircrafts (four for four engine aircrafts)
Challenges (engine failure, engine fire, etc.)
Gear tilt
Dust forms at touchdown
Ground crew
Correct Reverse thrust animation in the cockpit view (throttle)

City lights and cockpit light
Window view with cabin sound
V1, rotate, V2 call outs
A/P disconnect alarm (especially for 737;) )
Please make a350 and 737 max 7,8,9 free🙏🙏🙏
Streets with cars, street lamps, and signs
Birds and bird strikes
Trees and ocean waves
Connect with your friends on private server(please make it free if you can)
In flight refuel and aircraft carrier
Animated first officers
Open cockpit windows
Cloud, rain, snow, hail, thunder, etc.
First officer view( with animated captain)
Animated fuel dump
Add shaking effect at touchdown (in cockpit, onboard view)
Takeoff/landing announcements
Helicopters, balloons, hangliders and parachutes
Rescue missions(put out wild fire, bring someone to the hospital)
Aerobatic challenges

the list under the line is a bit overboard so there should be an option to turn it off or on

Passengers evacuating after emergency landing(evacuation slides and life boats)

Engine fire animation and alarms
Crashing into building animation
Crash animation
Missiles/bullets and flares for military aircrafts

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