A Few Things That Need to be Addressed for Advanced Server Flying

After controlling a few times since the new update, I think there are some things that need to be addressed.
First of all, I can tell that everyone is enjoying the new update, and it is a popular update. The amount of users is at a high, high enough to a point that we had two regions open at once on Advanced Server!!! We love that everyone is flying so much. But that does not go without needing to continue to follow ATC instructions to ensure the best experience

  1. If an airport is busy, and there is a line to get departures out, please be patient. Only request takeoff when in line, and as a pilot, observe how big the line is, and especially observe the line of inbounds. If there is a long line waiting for departures, it is probably because the inbounds are too close together to let an aircraft safely depart.
  2. If you wish to do patterns, use your best judgement to tell if a controller will let you do patterns. Look around the map to see the amount of inbounds to the airport. If there is only one or two runways, (especially if they cross each other), and a lot of inbounds it is likely that the controller is not going to let you do patterns, because he cannot accommodate you in with all the inbounds. Another factor is if there is a long line for departures.
  3. When flying to an airport, a lot of controllers have noticed that people are coming in too high and too fast. If there is no Approach active, it is the pilot’s responsibility to slow down and descend. This is mainly a problem with speed, because planes will come in too fast behind other planes, and cause conflicts of aircraft being too close on final. Take note to slow down and descend with a descent amount of distance left to the airport.
  4. When requesting something to an ATC, they may not respond right away, it may take a minute for them to respond, because they are responding to other aircraft that requested before you. This does not mean that you request again. If you request something to ATC, the ATC WILL reply to you, even if it takes a minute or two. Please do not request something more than once, as it is unnecessary and clogs the frequency.
  5. If an ATC tells you to do something, it is for a reason. If he keeps you at a hold short line for longer than usual, it is probably because the inbound line is too congested to permit a departure. If you are told to hold position at your parking when requesting a pushback, it is because another aircraft(s) is taxiing passed where you need to go when you pushback. If you are told to taxi to a runway that may not be the closest to where you are parked, it might be because that is where everyone else has been told to go, to maintain a nice constant and consistent flow of traffic. The same goes for Approach. If an Approach controller vectors you in a direction that doesn’t seem right, or may be going away from the airport that you are bound for, it is not because he wants to make your flight unpleasant or longer. It is because he has, or is forming a uniform line to stay organized. The main point of this one is to tell you that ATC is telling you to do something for a reason, so don’t go against his orders, because it could affect the traffic flow, as well as realism for other players. Not to mention probably get you ghosted, and nobody wants that.
  6. A red runway does NOT mean a closed runway. A red runway only means that it is not the best option for aircraft due to wind speed and wind direction. If winds are below 10-15 kts, all of the aircraft in Infinite Flight are much capable of taking off in those types of winds. It is at the controllers discretion to use whichever runways he can. Common situations that this might happen are when a controller has a line for inbounds or departures for a runway that is green, and the METAR changes and the runway changes to red. Even though the active runways have changed, it is near impossible to change the traffic flow, as it just causes too many conflicts.

We do a lot of work as controllers to maintain top notch service for all users. But we can only do it if the pilots cooperate with us. It is a controller to pilot relationship, not an autocracy.
Us controllers also love to clear up any confusion as to why we did something. So do not hesitate to PM the controller that you have a question for, and we will happily answer for you!

Fly Safe, Fly Centerline!