A Few Suggestions

Yes, I know this should be in the Features section, but it won’t let me post there, so oh well. Here goes.

     I know some of these have been recommended before, but might as well freshen this up.  I propose that additional airport details (taxiway signs, various buildings, and GSE) are added as options to the game.  One argument is space, so implement them in a system similar to how you download the various aircraft.  When you go into the region menu, you can click either on one airport or have an option to select them all, and there would be various check boxes to download different things, such as one box downloads GSE (Ground Service Equipment).  
        Next thing I have is AI traffic.  This could be for both solo and Live, although it could cause some issues for the already overworked ATC.  This would help give more of an immersive feeling to the game, especially solo.  There could be three settings; low, medium, and high.  These would allow you to chafe the amount of AI traffic, or turn it off completely.
        Finally, automated ATC.  I propose that this would be only for solo.  I'll use the example of my beloved FSX.  You get an ATC menu, where you select different things, each one asks the ATC something different.  I haven't played Live, but I assume it's something like this.  Basically, it's the control system from Live, but just a robot controlling it.

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Regulars, do NOT move topics to #features unless they follow the guidelines of that category. Only ONE feature per request so it’s easy to keep track of. A lot of this stuff has already been requested also!


If taxiway signs were implemented, it would take a long time for the airport editors to implement each and every sign.

Ah oops sorry, still new to this forum. @Swang007

I have heard about many people being confused when they fly into a new airport and need to taxi somewhere. That’s what gives me the basis behind it.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be cool, it’s something we definitely need, I’m just saying it would take some time.

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