A Few Small Things

Hey everyone, I have noticed a few things when I have been controlling lately (Expert)

Exit Runway Cross/Hold Short
When this command is sent, if you listen carefully you will notice that it does NOT tell you to contact Ground. When Tower sends you this frequency they want you to STAY on their frequency. This is especially important during a Friday Night Flight or at a busy airport where there is a separate tower and ground controller. When you switch frequency it makes it a lot harder to manage runway crossings. Please just pay attention to the command, if it does not explicitly say to contact ground then don’t contact ground.

Speed Commands
Speed commands are not optional!! For some reason a lot of pilots seem to think that they do not need to follow speed commands. If you are in a Dash-8 doing a 220 kt final while closing in on the aircraft in front of you that I told you to follow and I tell you to maintain slowest practical speed, keeping your speed or slowing down by 5 kts is not helpful. Most of the time (except for radar) when we give you a speed command we are maintaining separation because you do not seem to know what sequencing is. Bottom line, speed commands are just as important and need to be followed!


I’m sure many people on expert know what sequencing is and are given speed commands…


You’d be surprised at the number of pilots under our service that do not understand sequencing.


This should be pinned, it’s surprising how many people still don’t abide by these instructions on expert server!


To add on, most of the things mentioned above are something that you won’t be ghosted for, but that doesn’t mean don’t follow them. By helping make our job easier, it helps us make your flight smoother.

It does say “exit x, cross runway x and contact ground”. When you hear that don’t switch over to Ground till you cross the runway you were told to cross. Exit, cross, switch to ground unless told otherwise.

Seperate thought, when landing don’t switch to ground until you are past the hold short line.

Awesome post Will!


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