A Few sights from Nassau, Bahamas

Before pushback in Embraer 190

Shortly after Takeoff from Nassau Bahamas (MYNN)

Departing in the pattern

Approach inbound from MCO to MYNN


Returned on this plane. I noticed that the flaps retract forward instead of backwards. I didn’tk know there were planes that did that



This is a B737-500

Look at them eyebrows!


Love the water!

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This awesome photos, especially over the sea👍👏

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I’m pretty sure those are slats

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I’ve been to Nassau, Bahamas but on a United 737. That was almost 2 years back.

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Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the sky and the ocean. It’s really a nice sight to behold

I’m still learning. Thanks for clearing that up. As i google slats


Nice shots! Still out of likes…

Wow, this is so cool, especially as it reminds me of my Christmas holidays as I visited the island! :)

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