A few shots you may like

I was doing some formation flight with my friends. We celebrated an arrival of a new ETVA family member - A359. A few days later I went into replay mode and did a few pretty good pictures.

Well…I asked my friends to line up just to take something like this. It would be cool to have a small GA plane in front!

No name here…

Boeing 787 landing at HAAB

Just a usual one…

Turns are the hardest part during formation flights…sometimes you even need to use reverse to maintain position 😉


We had some race at the end

Chao! 👋



That’s definitely took some effort, they are all terrific!


First One!! 10/10 for Creativity! 🤩

The Rest? - Splendid Work! The Angle, The Colors, The Formation, They All Look Outstandingly… Cool 😎


Stunning! 😍

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The first one is unbelievably good.

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I may like them? I don’t like them, I love them! The first one, just awesome! Second one, amazing! I can’t think of enough adjectives for some of these photos. They’re just great!

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