A few shots of WSSS departures today!

Hey everyone, had a chance to go down to the beach today, which has about the best view of the departures (as anyone who has been to WSSS would attest to). Enjoy!

I’d also like to apologise for the poor quality first, didn’t have a good enough camera to get everything clearly. (and this website won’t allow me to post RAW files…)


Edit The 3rd: added this SIA 744F that I took from my bed :P You’d need around a 600mm (in 35mm format) lens to really capture everything, but nice to know that I have a unblocked view of the traffic out of WSSS from my house!

Thanks for dropping by today, have a jolly week ahead!


Wow, these images that you have taken are simply stunning!


I really like the Singapore A330 😉

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All photos added, thanks for comments :D

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Cathay A350 and SIA 77W are personally my favourite shots. Incredible shots as always, Ignatius!

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incredibly amazing!



What a coincidence! I was at the Terminal 1 Viewing Mall spotting aircrafts too! Will post shots here too!

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WSSS spotter meetup in the future anyone?

Sometime around the end of the year would be good if we can get a big enough group :D


Yeah definitely man!

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