A few shots just sitting in my 1400 screen shot gallery of IF screen shots

I don’t quite remember all of these flights but I just thought the screen shots were amazing!!
Hope you like them.

I have a lot more photos Coming soon
soon. I recently had to delete 600 screen shots due to the you know the usual storage


Lovely shots keep it up!

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If you had 1,400 photos just from IF, how many photos do you have overall!?

Great photos by the way!

Currently on my phone about 800 spread over all my devices upwards 1400

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Oh you gotta bump those numbers up those are rookie numbers.

I have 13,840 lol. At least they’re not all IF ones. 😂

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where were you in that 3rd one?

I have to do this every day 😅. It’s called being obsessed with taking infinite flight photos.

Over some Caribbean Islands
The route was Miami to Princes Juliana

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh. That’s a lot. In all I have about 2000 photos.

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It’s Grand Bahama 🙄

extraordinary shots btw

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