A Few Reminders!


The moderation team has been noticing a few issues popping up recently on quite a regular basis.

The first of which is the failure of forum members to utilise the flag feature, whilst instead posting solely to confront another user. If a post or topic needs staff attention, flag it. Replying to challenge someone only makes the situation worse and incites an arguement. Many times over the last few weeks, threads that could have been quickly closed and dealt with by a moderator have instead somewhat erupted in conflict between community members. The actions of others does not give you a free pass to act in an immature manner as well - the same names do indeed keep cropping up and moderators will start handing out suspensions if this becomes a repeat issue. We have already issued many official warnings about this isuse. Just remember; flag it, do not engage, and simply let a moderator deal with it.

On the other hand, we have also been picking up on an issue at the other end of the spectrum - too much of what can only be described as petty flagging.

Flags should be reserved for obvious violations of forum guidelines, not extremely minor offences. We’re not trying to put you guys off flagging when necessary - just make sure it is warranted and not just a case of differing opinions or nitpicking. Also, please refrain from flagging older posts - that off-topic post from June 2015 definitely doesn’t “require staff attention”.

We’d like to also remind the community that the 20 character rule will be enforced, and we have sent many warnings and removed many posts recently because of this, and will continue to do so as this appears to be an increasingly big issue around the forum. If your post does not consist of 20 characters, we would invite you to consider if your post is a productive and essential contribution.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can’t thank you all enough for the efforts of all our regulars and community members to make this community truly the best feature of Infinite Flight!


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Good reminders to all of us. If the 20 character rule is cheated or filled, what would be the appropriate flag?


Well said Jack! This is why I don’t want to be involved with arguments on the community regarding unecessary posts, etc. Just flag it if you don’t like it and problem solved


Flagging it as “Something else” would suffice.


Debates are ok on the community, they promote discussion… Its useless ones that we have to watch out for :)


Thanks, off topic didn’t seem to suit it. Also, when an argument erupts in a thread, however valid, it clogs the thread and ruins the discussion, whereas a flag is clean and avoids cluttering the thread. (I’ve ran out of likes currently, why I’m not liking it)


Great work Team! Guys “Dont tag just flag” if you see another person arguing with someone else just flag and dont tag along or dont attack aswell!

Dont use fillers!

Wrong: Im flying the 747

Right: Today i will be flying the 747 in the Singapore region

Best answer: Today i will be flying the 747 from WMKK to WSSS on the expert server at maximum take off weight.


Precisely the reasoning behind this thread :)


Good topic. I think this is mainly directed at me…
Sorry. Won’t do it again.

Then would you just type in - incorrect use of filler?


It’s not directed at anyone, just a gentle, general reminder. We all have our moments :)


I am pretty sure this was pointed to the community not just you, thats why the moderator pinned it as he wants the entire community to be informed. If it was pointed to you he would have PM’d you. 🙂


That or just “20 chatacter limit abused”. They’ll understand when they are it


Yes sir, that would be fine!


Thanks @NEO for answering the questions on flagging filler. Not long ago there was one that I flagged as inappropriate because it seemed to best fit. Thanks again for clarifying.


Im not trying to start anything @Neo but: Flags are for poles, lighten up. I don’t think nobody wants to see this again in the future. I agree 100% about everything you said, but people can start abusing flagging again.


Why am I not surprised you guys have had to make multiple topics like this… 😐🙄


And we’ll keep on doing them until it sticks. Which basically means we will never stop :)


If you see this part of the paragraph below, people should know what flagging is about: