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I’ve never wrote before, and I don’t know if what I’m about to write is appropriate.
I’ve had IF for at least 2 years, but I have most recently started flying on it more and started to control sometimes.
I’m not a young man. I’ve been flying in real life for a long time. I hold a current commercial ticket and I’m also a Cfi. I’m telling you this cause I want you to know, I enjoy real world flying, have a great respect for it,and carry that joy and respect to the world of simulation. I’ve been flying PC simulators for since the 90’s.
I’ve got some questions:
Why is it so many IF pilots choose to fly out of and into KLAX and EGLL on the training server ?
I don’t understand. I have logged on to these airports as ground and tower controller at times. Much of the time there are pilots who have no respect for basic aviation procedure at a controlled airport. I believe there are some pilots that just don’t know the correct way and some who have total disregard for basic procedure. (ie…departing and landing on the downwind runway, refusing atc instruction, not turning to the proper frequency and disregarding on Gaurd warnings)
For some reason, there is a high percentage of fighter pilots that think they are above any procedures, rules or instruction from atc.
These type of pilots are ruining it for pilots who take the sim world serious. I’ve heard of the training server called “the playground”. For most pilots, completing the flight with a good landing is 90% of the enjoyment. Ya might say, it’s like paring the 18th hole in golf. When the landing is thwarted due to selfish, Inconsiderate, pilots it ruins the realism of the simulated flight.
At peak times, controlling these 2 airports Proficiently is near impossible even without the “inconsiderate’s” ! Poor handling of aircraft among the grd,twr,and app controllers make for conflicting situations on a constant basis.
Oh well, just thinking out loud ! Happy Flying ! 👍


Hi there welcome to the IFC! There’s not much we can do about the caos of the training server but if you work your way up to grade 3 you can fly on the Expert Server and fly with more professionals pilots and ATC

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Almost everyone on TS either likes KLAX & EGLL or they only go there due to the traffic, that’s why most people are flying out of there or ATC.

You don’t use Training Server for that. It’s better to fly on Expert Server, but even that’s crumbling in terms of pilot quality. Avoid heavy traffic airports as well on Training Server.

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Welcome to the community, feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the community or the IFC. It’s great to see a real world pilot here, and a fellow flight simmer, and who knows, maybe I’ll be the one PM-ing you!

Training will be training. There’s lots of people who just troll and play around. And the unfortunate fact is there’s nothing we can do about that. Also, lots of casual and training server fighter pilots just do random things, just because fighter jets aren’t restricted to speed limits. The expert server is way better, they have different regions with ATC every day, and it’s much more realistic.


I think I am hearing you say that you need every pilot regardless of age ability and grade take responsibility for following the rules and to Interact with everybody on line with respect and patience and cooperation. I think that if we as a collective community continue to focus on educating , communicating and setting the standards and expectations we will go a long way to meeting those needs however if we focus our energy and time on good v bad, right v wrong, who is deserving and who is undeserving, compare our selves and focus blame outwards then There is one thing for sure as a online community we won’t get to meet our needs expectations or standards of respect patience and cooperation. Just my thought.

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At the hubs like EGLL and KLAX or KSFO training server is pretty much anarchy.
One way to go about ATC controlling is starting an ATC tracking thread on the forum for your username, and announce that you’ll be operating a particular airport’s ATC (preferably far away from the hubs!) at a certain time, and ask people to join. It’ll save you the hassle of trying to deal with trolls on TS. Oh and you’ll also gain experience that way, if you ever plan to apply to become an IFATC controller!
You can find more info on that here:

You seem to be very passionate about your controlling! Your dedication is evident… I’d suggest checking out IFATC! We control on the expert server where pilots (mostly) behave.

If you’re interested, you can start the process at this link.



I like to do ATC in infinite flight on the training server and it’s pretty much chaos wherever you go but on the expert server it is nice and peaceful except for the occasional looney here and there.


@Tomanuel I agree, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about them messing around, If you get to Grade 3 and join the expert server you will find more serious and more professional pilots in the game.

And also welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your time here!

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In short; Training server = trolls, not much you can do about it, and yes, grade three is definitely a big accomplishment and brings the enjoyment of the expert server!

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I remember my time controlling on training before I got an expert ticket. If you try controlling the busy class Bs it’s nearly impossible. Get qualified for expert where people have to have a respect for basic airmanship or else. Otherwise just avoid the Class Bs on training and you should be good.

Thank you 👍

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