A few questions

  1. What is considered a takeoff roll? When an aircraft passes the hold short line? (unless its been told to LUAW).

  2. There is one runway in the airport, one side is 05 and the other 23.
    ATIS states that runway 05 is in use for arr. and deps.

    In this example the aircraft (red dot) would need to be told to expect 05 so it turns in 05’s general direction right?
    But since the ATIS states there’s only one usable runway (05) wouldnt the aircraft be expected to face 05 in the first place?

Thanks for your time :)


When the aircraft is on the runway and is starting to move for takeoff. LUAW is not a takeoff roll.

Section 5.1.5 of the public IFATC manual states:

“The use of ‘expect runway xx’ should only be used if the controller deems it necessary for the aircraft to face a particular way for pushback to promote efficiency. It should not be used for every pushback command sent.”

Keeping that in mind, I would not tell aircraft XX to expect runway 5 as that is the only option.

I’ll answer any more questions if you have them!


To add on to @Will_A, the ATC Manual is where there are lots of tips and tricks in there too


The FAA defines takeoff roll as:
TAKEOFF ROLL − The process whereby an aircraft is aligned with the runway centerline and the aircraft is moving with the intent to take off. For helicopters,
this pertains to the act of becoming airborne after departing a takeoff area.
Reference 7110.65Y ATC Manual