A Few Questions About Fuel Burn

So I’m very happy about fuel burn coming out with global flight, but I have a few questions. Will we be able to dump fuel? Will we be able to refuel without ending flight? Will the instruments shut down if fuel runs out and will there be an APU? Will there be fuel pumps and engine starts?


I would love all this if it was true!


No one knows these for sure, but it’d be interesting to see what people have to say them:)


I think it should automatically set the amount of fuel you’re carrying based on your FPL and your destination so there wouldn’t be a need to dump. I’d think landing and parking will let you be able to refuel if needed. (Especially BA A318 LCY-JFK)

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I mean if the devs add fuel burn some of these would be necessary (eg. dumping fuel) and the rest would be sort of necessary. And if space is a problem add an engine screen with maps and systems

If we are still able to change our payload you could dump people and cargo if your overweight, although you would probably get fired.😂😂


Nick if you get diverted it would suck to hold and wait for fuel to burn

If you were diverted to a much closer airport you could end up holding for over an hour in somecases without fuel burn

No one has a clue about it

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We know fuel burn is coming if the devs “have time”

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Yes but other than that no one knows

I think if you run out of fuel in the air you should be able to request for an emergency landing so ATC can make way for you in front of other aircraft. Also, if you would be able to do a real landing that would be cool.

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Most likely it’ll still incorporate the same mechanism in the pause screen for inflight but you have to manually enter your fuel before the flight begins so you can enter the precise amount of fuel you need (read entering numbers not sliding a bar). Then deciding how much other weight you want. The best way to hand the diversion process is to lock the passenger and cargo weight value and have the in air option of fuel dump using the slide on a pause menu but it would only be available if you are in the air.

That would be a must if fuel burn is added

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Water landings work right now but I think they are to easy. I ditched a 380 south of Singapore on live for fun and got it first try

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I know the 777 can dump fuel or really its called jettisoning fuel. But really the only time you dump fuel is in emergencys and you need to “lose weight”. You really dont dump fuel on regular basis

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