A few Problems

Hey Y’all

Soo I have been having problems with Infinite Flight other than long haul Crash bug.
Problem one:
My IPhone
Doesn’t connect to the Live server
and after 5 minute of flying Freezes for 3 minutes then Crashes (not matter the airplane or business of the airport)
Problem Two
My Ipad has a problem were the plane when hand flying banks to the left and i have to bank right to keep it level and not banking right.
Hope i can Fix this


For the long haul crashes you can reference the tips in this topic.

The best advice is to

  • Lower your graphics settings
  • Reboot your device prior to long flights
  • Once at cruise, change the camera to ATC, Tower, or Virtual Cockpit with the camera pointed straight up. This will help limit the download of scenery.

As far as the landing goes, you probably need to apply some rudder to counteract crosswinds. Also try turning off Auto Coordination in your settings to help you on the ground.


Yes but it does this for all flights🙂

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What are your graphics settings? Can you share a screen shot?
What specific device are you on?
Have you rebooted your device?
Are we talking about the crash happens with all flights?

Medium/ High for pictures

IPhone XR I bought it 9 months Ago

And reinestalled it too


Can you provide a screen shot of the settings please?

I am flying atm will that effect it if i go on the device

So what is different about this flight from the others where you say it crashes after only a few minutes?

Well, for one its not just long hauls, it crashes on every flight I’ve seemed to do. This one after it freezes i can go out of the app and still hear the sound of the airplane.

I am using my IPad though i can’t seem to land form this problem

So which problem would you like to discuss? I thought we were discussing the iphone issue.

Yes. We are as that is the main issue.
i would like to solve both though!

Can you do a video of your landing so we can see what exactly is happening?

Sure! let me land


Hey @Chris_S so I’m try to get a video from replay buts not working. The time line disappears

I also I can’t upload any type of video here

Also I got a violation from this bug which Is frustrating because I made some errors today on a decent

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You have to upload it to youtube and share the link or upload the video to icloud or something with a shareable link.

Oh ok. I will do that

Here is the video you’ll notice when the plane rock to the right And when it doesn’t I either have AP on or my device it’s tilted to the left
I promise the isn’t fake 🙂