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Hey everyone!
Decided to do something different today. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted in like two weeks, I apologize, I’ve been in a slump of sorts. I had like 3 topics I was going to post but wasn’t happy with them. So instead I decided to take some recent pictures I’ve taken that I was going to post.

I also decided to take a wee break from the whole Suhas air thing, tagging all those people is pretty hard. So for once, here are pictures and nothing else.
These are from various routes from all over. Enjoy!

Route: MAA-SIN
Aircraft: Silk Air A319-100
Short final at WSSS

Route: LHR-KUL (ft. @ran, @MJP_27, @Carolina_Taylor, @Austrian001, @felixcat)
Aircraft: Malaysia A350-900
Taxiing to parking with @TheAviationGallery and his MHVA folks posing for the camera, along with a sunset shot

Route: MNL-BKK
Aircraft: Thai 772
Banking out of Manila

Route: BKK-DEL
Aircraft: Thai 788
Rotating out of Bangkok at sunset

Banking as @Carlo_Deguzman approaches below

On final in Delhi, inspired by @AndrewWu

Parked in the baking sun

And two last shots, inspired again by the great @AndrewWu. Taken in Solo.

Thanks for looking guys, I’d love to hear which was your favorite, any route suggestions, or anything at all lol. If you ever want to fly hit me up, I’ll be available. ✌️

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These are fantastic, I love what you did with the focusing and blurring! Some of these look so realistic. Well done!

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i want blur effects like this in IF so badly

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Sorry @NoahM and @Anshul28, I’ve got something new to worship now.


That shot is fire 🔥.


These have to be some of the best IF shots I’ve seen🤩

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Haha @Ecoops123 I won’t be surprised if many do as it’s my favorite out of the lot as well! Great Compilation @Suhas


Wait… I was parked on the opposite side of the terminal in this exact picture… did you park next to another A350, and land at like 9-10 am EST?

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Whoever isn’t viewing @Suhas pics are missing out! He comes out with some of the best pics here on this community. Come view Suhas’s pics if you haven’t already!

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These are beautiful photos!

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Thanks @lucaviness!

@Ecoops123 glad you’ve come to your senses 💅🤪

@RitzRegis Thanks 🙏

@Carolina_Taylor woohoo, thanks Carolina 💅😂

@Anshul28 “Cheers” Anshul!

@Shane Yep, I saw you when I was landing, I just didn’t include you in that pic because I wanted to keep a MH vibe going. However I did get a picture with you, I’ll PM you 🌝


😂 Thanks a lot, honestly means so much to me.

@MJP_27 Thanks Mason!


Wow! Please do PM it!

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I am not joking, these pictures look better than real life.


God all mighty! I know worship youuuuu!


Thanks Ki- I mean… @USAairlines

Haha 😂 thanks @AnonymouslyAnonymous


Love the shots mate!

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How did you get that stunning reflection?? Its beautiful :D If i credit you could I try it out as my user card background?

Cign :)

Fine if you say no. It is a great pic.


Breathtaking, nice work!

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Thanks Joseph!

@Captain_Cign Thanks, and you can, it’ll just be 50$ please. just kidding 😂, go ahead

Thanks @Sashaz55!