A few pics from ISP

Hey all! Today I went to ISP (Long Island MacArthur Airport) for about 2 and a half hours. It was somewhat windy, around 15 MPH, so it was cool to see the planes bounce around a little bit on takeoff. I got some surprisingly decent pictures with my iPhone 6. Videos will be posted soon!


  • Frontier A319 from New Orleans (wasn’t able to get pictures)
  • Southwest 737 from Fort Lauderdale (wasn’t able to get pictures of arrival)
  • Southwest 737 from Baltimore (wasn’t able to get pictures of arrival)
  • Southwest 737 to Orlando
  • Southwest 737 to Baltimore (the one from FLL)
  • Southwest 737 to West Palm Beach (the one from BWI)
  • Frontier A321 to Tampa (wasn’t able to get pics of arrival)
  • Kalitta Charters 727!!
  • Southwest 737 from Tampa
  • As well as a bunch of GA aircraft and jets.

Without further a due, here are the pictures! (not listed in order)

WN 737 blasting off for Orlando

On final for 24 from Tampa

Frontier A321 “Steve the Eagle” to Tampa. It was LOUD!

Steve the Eagle after its arrival from RSW, waiting to be filled up for TPA

VERY RARE! Kalitta Charters 727 from Lexington KY, it flew in a few days ago and will fly out tomorrow.

Some action at Concourse A, the one closest to me was loading up for BWI and the one in the background loading up for PBI.

PBI, here she comes! I just love the -700’s with split scimitars 😍

Please ask permission before using any of these photos!


Beautiful Kalitta Charters B727, very very rare indeed. Lovely clear captures.


Why is the Kalitta Charters there? Isnt that airline for transporting deceased military personnel?

Where were you located for that second to last picture???

No American Eagles when you went??!?! :P

Keep up the great spotting!

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Amazing shots! That’s my local airport as well!


That’s where I was for that shot, at the yellow X. Google Maps still shows that area as a gravel parking area, which it isn’t. However, the paved road leading onto the ramp is. I went up to the fence for that shot.

An American Eagle E145 to PHL departed an hour before I got there. And I’m not sure exactly what Kalitta is used for, I do know that they’ve transported some horses before though.

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Your allowed to be there??!?!

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Yea, I was right at the fence

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Nice shots! I really like the Southwest new livery ones:-)

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I got the chance to ride on a 737-700 with split scimitars like the one going to PBI. It was last Friday from BNA-LGA, WN 1887

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The Kalitta Air Charters 727 is usually parked in the GA parking at LEX. I love that plane. See it all the time!

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Great pictures! I too love the southwest livery with the split winglets :)

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Probably horses since it flew in from LEX.


Great Photographs :)


Nice pictures and cool aircrafts

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