A Few More Votes

I agree, keep the votes limited to keep voting genuine. As stated earlier, to vote for what you need rather than want.

Yes regular, sorry. ;)

I would prefer keeping the voting system the current way it is. Allowing users to have more votes would not clearly show the features that are most-requested. If a user only has 6 votes, then they should only vote for the features they want most in the simulator. 20-25 votes would allow someone to vote for any feature, and it’s not easy to decipher which features are requested most if 25 different features all have the same amount of votes.

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So for the sake of the argument, do the developers work on what had the most votes? Or do they work on what is easiest? How do they decide? Is there a significance to our votes at all?

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From the last two circumstances (besides global), they asked us in a poll what we preferred. The first one was the Md11/Dc10, which they have been working on. The second one was the CRJ rework, which is also being made.

I’m not a dev (obviosuly), so this might be inaccurate, but from what I understand, they choose options that they like from the highest asked for feature requests, or things that they want to work on, and put it in a poll and ask us to decide. (At least this is how it was in the last two circumstances. Again, I can’t say for certain this is how they are always going to operate from now on)

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So first of all, the Developers, are AWESOME!! I will never trash them. Lol.
So I like the fact they polled us, I remember that. But how much weight do the votes have, and how do we know what they are considering or what to put votes towards? Are we voting on things that won’t happen? Obviously with global we know where their attention is, but after global, how will they decide? I feel it’s something worth asking. And if they tell me they will decide based on what they themselves want to do, then I won’t complain, lol. But I just don’t feel like the vote carries much weight right now. The amount of votes allowed compared to the amount of features and scattered votes is to immense.

Let’s just say, for arguments sake, that it takes 200 votes for a feature to be considered, because that is usually a goal set for a popular feature request. Your one vote contributes a lot when stacked with other votes, so I would argue your vote is worth a lot.

Not confirmed yet I’m afraid

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A solution to this is to just add more trust levels…

What the Devs do is not a democracy, no one thinks it was, nor was it ever. Therefore, weights of votes etc is not definite. Lots goes into consideration of what should be made. Difficulty, potential profit, risk, etc. The community may not know what’s best.

A vote has no weight here.

That’s on discourse’s side and they almost certainly won’t do that.

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Having loads of votes, makes a vote worthless. It’s like if everyone on this forum was a regular, a regular status would be worth nothing.

I think I speak for many when I say that what we have now is enough to live with. Votes are precious, which is why we only vote for topics we think are worth a vote.

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I wouldn’t take it that far. Of course most voted features have weight, otherwise we wouldn’t have the category. Just not all the weight.


And there’s the problem. A lot of us don’t have time to be as active on here. I have a job, I’m in college, and I’m a Student Pilot. I don’t have time to be on here as much as I used to. I was a regular back in 2015 when I was in high school with loads of time to myself.

I worded it badly yes, they have no official weight. The Devs could ignore them entirely, it’s just they choose not to (which is great!), meaning they have weight in effect

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I would appreciate a few more votes, but the system is good the way it currently is :)

That’s like saying Global isn’t enough. Be thankful for what they give. With more votes could you imagine how many feature requests would have 50+ votes? Yeah I know ;)

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Don’t get me wrong, like I said earlier I love the app and I’m not one of the guys hating on the devs and constantly asking when is the update. But wouldn’t a few features having 50 votes on it be better than having 1000 features with 5 votes each?

Or maybe instead of voting the devs should just come out with their own list, and everyone gets 1 vote? Idk.

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That’s exactly what has been done with polls.