A Few More Votes

Hey gents, I love the forum and the way we get to vote and show our support and opinions for things, but I feel that 6 votes is just not enough. In my opinion having a few more votes would not hurt anything, but would actually help to separate a lot of the feature request.

So I am for 10 for a basic user, 15/20 for a member, 20/25 for a regular.

Please leave your thoughts a Votes! If you have any😜


It may be advisable to reach the next trust level to earn more votes.
It’s a limited amount so community members may vote for what they would really like to have in the simulator.


Yes I agree with this 100%


That is the way it currently works, except it’s still a very very low amount of votes.


Be active and get to Regular.


You’re regular I just realised!!!


Lol, no need for this discussion here, not really relevant to the topic


Moved this to #meta for you since it discusses about the forum. #features is only for Infinite Flight features.

The point of the new voting system is to ensure that you are prioritizing your choices. There’s no point in receiving a high amount of usable votes as you’ll pretty much have the ability to vote for everything under the sun.

Try to figure what you want in Infinite Flight at this moment based on the resources the developers have not what you would want to see in the next 2-5 years (i.e. 3D buildings, helicopters, etc are all things that’ll take a long time to develop).


Okay, but I still feel like with a few more votes it would greatly desperate features, for instance one livery vs another. Of course people are still going to vote for helicopters and building and what not, which are wasted votes. But how can the devs distinguish between one hundred liveries that all have 7 votes each. I just feel a few more votes would be nice… just my opinion though.


I feel the current system is OK. It emphasizes the difference between “need” and “want”. You vote for what you need, you don’t vote for what you want.

If you are running out of votes, you definitely need to reconsider the difference between need and want.


Might be something in the future once Global is released. The Staff is working diligently to get this release out before too many things are reviewed and revised. I’m in support of users having a few more votes 👍🏼


Kind of ironic since you’ve voted for those things yourself. ;)

Remember that before voting system, we had a like system. Even if a livery may have a small number of votes, there’s still a chance for it to be added if it had a high number of likes in the past (I’m sure the developers write this stuff down). Just know that it’s up to the developers whether or not to add it since they cannot add every single livery in the world.


I don’t agree with any of your ideas.

Although I have a suggestion for features as well. It should be a forum rule that if you make a new feature request, you have to vote for it yourself. If you aren’t willing to vote for it, then why are you making it in the first place?

guys I wasn’t trying to start a controversy, I was just saying there are hundred if not over a thousand feature request, I couldn’t even scroll back far enough to find them all. 6 votes doesn’t go very far.

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Yes I voted for them, also voted for certain planes. Sorry for trying to be an active member of the community and voicing an opinion. I pay for the app, and love it just as much as the next guy. I’m aware buildings and helicopters are probably never going to happen, but I’d still vote it. Because that’s what I feel and the other people who voted it feel as well. Just like with what you vote for.


And sorry if the last comment came off kind of mean. I did not intend to offend.

@dush19 my counter argument to your reasoning of “need and want” is who differentiates the need and want? Need and Want can be based off of economical ideology in some cases but “Need” serves as more of a desire here within the community based on appeal and functionality for realism rather than fiscal responsibility. A good example of this would be a scenario where VA needs a particular livery to compliment their fleet.

In retrospect, personally giving each member 10 extra votes very well may be counterproductive but an additional 2 votes added to each Trust Level might be a compromise worth entertaining for the good of the community.

Warm Regards ;)


The VA account needs TL2. TL2 has 6 votes which is more than needed for liveries of their fleet

I completely understand but the ‘desire’ for all XYZ Airline liveries, all ABC aircraft’s liveries is just ridiculous and people need to understand, that this is just a small team of dedicated programmers working on this project and when people have too much desire, it eventually turns into impatience, arrogance and they leave the community.

2 votes wouldn’t hurt that much but as OP said, twice/thrice as much would be very unnecessary

As Misha (cough, cough) once said:

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Excellent response sir! I agree that without limitations things get messy fast. Just let it be known, when Global releases this community and the number of App purchases will increase as popularity grows. The Development Team may have to increase their staffing. I think that this update will push this simulator to a whole other level!



Do you mean Regular?

Personally I think no. Too many votes and it votes decrease in value