A few moonshots


A few days ago (actually March 21) I was playing around with Infinite Flight, on solo, trying to get some good moonshots. I managed to get some that I liked.

A Southwest 737-800, around the Lake Tahoe area (California).

The same Southwest from a different angle.

This 747 Sofia was captured taking off from Beijing.

Any suggestions?

Please comment!


Nice picture!


Thanks, it was fun to get them.

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The last one is just stunning. Shook my head twice thinking it was one of these “Dreamlifters” for once until I realised it is the Space shuttle. 😌


I wish Infinite Flight had the Dreamlifter, it would be cool to fly around in. If you had to choose, would you want the Dreamlifter or Airbus Beluga more?

  • Airbus Beluga
  • Dreamlifter

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I recommend posting this here, thanks.


Thank you, I did!👍😉

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Still accepting votes on the poll. Choose wisely!!