A few moonshots

A few days ago (actually March 21) I was playing around with Infinite Flight, on solo, trying to get some good moonshots. I managed to get some that I liked.

A Southwest 737-800, around the Lake Tahoe area (California).

The same Southwest from a different angle.

This 747 SCA was captured taking off from Beijing.

Any suggestions?

Please comment!


Nice picture!


Thanks, it was fun to get them.


The last one is just stunning. Shook my head twice thinking it was one of these “Dreamlifters” for once until I realised it is the Space shuttle. 😌

I wish Infinite Flight had the Dreamlifter, it would be cool to fly around in. If you had to choose, would you want the Dreamlifter or Airbus Beluga more?

  • Airbus Beluga
  • Dreamlifter

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I recommend posting this here, thanks.

Thank you, I did!👍😉

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Still accepting votes on the poll. Choose wisely!!

How do you have the moon? When I fly I can’t find the moon. Is it photo shopped?

This all depends on the moon position. From Light to dark. Its either visible or not, wether the sun is reflecting from the moon.

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I don’t want to criticize you but the 747 Sofia is NASA’s modified 747 equipped with a Telescope, the 747 SCA is NASA’s other modified 747 equipped with the modifications to carry the space shuttle.

And by the way I love the pictures

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I’ll change that, Thank you!

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Your welcome thought I share the my space history knowledge and my knowledge of NASA.

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Love the 2nd photo! My suggestion is to attract more lighting to the aircraft. By playing with filters, it’ll come out as a clear bright moon which is visible here and a more visible aircraft. Other than that these pics are great! Nice job.

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I’ll try that out next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

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