A few less airlines are banned in the EU

Interesting news that I thought I should share.


When Lion Air isn’t banned from EU anymore…
I think with clearing Citilink, Lion, and Batik is useless since they don’t operate routes to or within EU

Congrats @CaptainTrapBeats

But as if Citilink, Lion Air and Batik Air will even fly to the EU LOL

Air Koryo’s new nonstop flight to London😂 I don’t think they’ll ever fly to the EU.


Try the U.S. ;)

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Even better! That moment where Air Koryo’s inaugural flight arrives and there’s no water cannon salute. I can’t believe they’d clear them to fly in to the EU on a more serious note.


Maybe it will be a water cannon salute ;)


I didn’t know that 216 airlines were banned from operating in the EU🙊

The Germans are crazy

EU is controlled by Germany so yea verrückt!


@NatIsrael972 The EU isn’t controlled by Germany…

Of course they don’t operate flights to and from the EU; they were banned until this post came out!

Lel those 3 LCAs can’t even afford to fly all the way to the EU

You never know… Jet2 run flights LBA-EWR on peak seasons and I read somewhere that Air Asia X wants to/is operating low cost between KUL and London Airports.

Only Air Madagascar has a remote chance of flying and even sustaining a flight to Europe but it would likely be loss making

Lion Air would lose so much money that they’d cut the route and auction off the planes soon after, Batik Air and Citilink would also have huge losses.

Maybe it’s so the airlines can use it for leverage when requesting to fly somewhere else in the world?

Please don’t write in another languge, people are not going to understand ect…


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citilink, and batik air is regional airline they won’t go to EU lion too

It was a joke… it’s fine.

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I don’t think they can even fry an egg…

Ontopic: If UK resigned from the EU how those banned airlines will can fly to UK, using Russia airspace?

Lol that will be epic… But how do you even do that without intruding the EU’s airspace? xD