A few landings with the new A333

Hi all,
As a lot of us, I have spent quite some time flying the reworked A333.

Here are some shots taken on different recentt flights, all on expert.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do flying this aircraft!


Hello I just wanted to let you know 4 of the photos did not load and have you noticed the new screen for infinite ♾ flight I think the update will be added soon


Now it is only 1 that did not load

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Which load screen?

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The last one

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I’ll check!

I wean the one for when you load your flight

They loaded for me and nice shots

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Brussel airlines! Would be nice!

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Yes, I fixed the pb, thanks a lot!

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Fun fact, the South African Airways approach towards Cape Town was flown on the old version, but comes out as the new one in the replay! How cool!

Nice shots man!

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Thank you! Appreciate.