A Few Items to Cover

Shouldn’t be a big issue if you have the proper disclosures.


Thanks for the few hints, we will look at this before our next update ;-)


These guys are a great addition to the team! Can’t wait to see them in action!! IFVARB is really improving for the better.

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I would like to mention that it does ask if you’re willing to disclose your IP and it’s quite easy to get around me, Id suggest using location.

Could you elaborate some more?

Adding onto the initial post:

Good afternoon fellow community members. After taking note of comments in recent VA threads we thought it would be appropriate to address an issue that was brought up some time ago.

What’s the purpose of a VA/VO thread?

This is a dedicated area for the VA to issue statements, events, updates, and any other information they wish to share. This is also a general location for others to express interest in that particular VA/VO. Fairly straightforward.

The IFVARB has recognized that upon the creation of these VA threads, community members are wishing their luck towards that VA. Don’t get us wrong, as we love to see community members show their support towards others. However, the “Good luck from ABCXYZ Airlines” isn’t appropriate for the purpose of the thread. This is seen as a form of advertisement on another VAs thread.

You are able to advertise the VA you are representing under your community profile. There is an area specifically for you to type in the VA(s) you belong to. If folks wish to find out what VA you belong to, a simple click of the username will provide that information.

We hope this is not too much to ask of you guys and we ask that you respect the VA/VO threads as more and more appear each day. We don’t want to flag these “advertisements” posts but if push comes to shove, we are left with no choice to do so. Thanks for the understanding and have a wonderful day.


Hi @BluePanda900, can you please DM me regarding making a VA. Thanks

Hello all! We have found a workaround for the google form problem for those who use Weebly. If any VA CEOS would like this, please pm me or @Brandon_K. Cheers :)


Glad you found a solution!

Hey all! I’m back ;)
Here’s a way to fix a legal issue on Weebly.

You can go into settings and enable the cookie message. Instead of the default message, enter your own in with the legal spiel and you should be good to go! This will appear as a banner on every page of the website.

I believe Wix has a similar feature, but I’d have to double check. We prefer Weebly anyway as it’s more utilized for mobile devices


Just did this a week back and works like a charm. Must try for you folks ;)


Hey everyone, as it is the holiday season, the Admins will be slow in getting VAs approved. We’re all celebrating with our friends and family, so please do not be alarmed if you have to wait a bit for a response from one of us.

We do hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and new year!


Happy New Year IFVARB! I can’t wait to see new improvements this year!


Do the forms on weebly track a persons IP

Are they better to use?

Yes, and yes :). Very helpful.


Many thanks for that

Hello cab you approve my VA

Do you know any other services we could use that is recommended?

You could use the IFC, but messaging doesn’t go over 500. Groupme might be one, it isn’t as organized as discord and slack.

Thank you, Also, Is there any other form service that has IP tracking or something else that is highly recommended?