A Few Items to Cover

Hello! As VAs and IF grow, the IFVARB felt it necessary to plug some holes, make note of some things and welcome some new board members.

Staffing Modifications
We are delighted to welcome some new board members to our ever growing team! Joining our existing staff will be @Insertusernamehere, @mbmhwue148 and @Yunkeru. They will be great additions to our already efficient staff. In addtion, @Chris_S will assume a Supervising role in the team.

Current Staff
Admins: @Joshfly8, @Iceblue, @Danman, @Deercrusher and @Bluepanda900
Supervisors: @Carson, @Levet and @Chris_S
Members: @Dush19, @Laura_Murphy, @brunocr98, @Ksisky, @ewanfleming, @Insertusernamehere, @Yunkeru, @Damian and @mbmhwue148

Unlike other organizations, we do not usually announce when we need new members, or even have specific staff roles that need filling. Many times, we will contact users on the forum based on maturity, past history and past VA relations. Private messaging a staff member on the Board will not increase your chances of joining us, rather decrease them.

The Use of Google Forms
Due to a recent incident, the Board would like to discourage the use of Google Forms as a recruiting service. This may come as a surprise due to the professionalism level it brings to a VA’s website, but there is an issue which makes it difficult for us to deal with trolling incidents effectively. Google Forms does not collect the IPs of users. This is an issue because moderators on the Community can track users’ IP addresses, and when they do not have access to such IP, it makes it very difficult for them to track users who troll and take action.

Legality of VAs
Our last topic of discussion will be the legal aspects of owning a real-world Based VA. As IF grows, RW Airlines will come to find VAs. Here are a few steps you can take with your VA to ensure your VA does not get shut down by its real-world counterpart.

  • Contact media relations of the airline asking for permission, be sure to state that it is free. Keep whatever response you get.
  • Include a popup or something very prominent that says “This is a virtual airline, click here if you are looking for [insert RW Website here]”. A loading page that says “You are about to enter [Insert Airline Here] VA. The VA is not affiliated with [Insert Airline here]”
  • Do not use Real World logos (even if you stick VA at the end) without the permission of the airline.
  • Ensure that all communication with the Real World airline is kept professional and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Remember, you’re representing all of us when you write to an airline!
  • Permission from the real-world airline is not mandatory at this point, though the board does recommend it to ensure smooth operation.

Bottom line, make sure the RW airline knows your VA is not for commercial use.


Good information too have.


hi wait what does IFVARB mean?

Virtual airline regulatory board, they regulate VA’s or VO’s for IFC ;)!


they approve VAs in IF?

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Yes they approve VAs for IF


thanks you guys :))))


I know this is a lot to take in, feel free to ask any questions guys :)

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Can VAs keep google docs on their websites if their application and google docs are only accessed through their website page and are date and time logged thus allowing a valid IP to be tracked>

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Yeah, as long as there’s a way to track IPs.

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The issue is that the Google docs doesn’t allow for IP tracking. If issues arise, were unable to assist since we do not have the most valuable piece of information.


So question, not wanting to start something, Why wold you guys want an IP address?

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If there is a trolling incident, then we can take action on the offenders. Nobody wants trolls in their VA.


okay makes sense. but would this be only if they have a IFC account?

Unless Im missing something, we are no longer allowed (or not advised) to have people fill out applications using google forms. Correct?

If this is correct, what do you recommend we use for applications? The only way I see no trolling involved is through DM which I personally find inefficient.

Might I ask what exactly do you mean by this? Sorry for my confusion, could you please go into detail on what the root behind this means? Thank you.

In many cases, it is only those who have or have had an IFC account to be involved in trolling incidents.

gotcha. thanks for answering my questions and clearing things up for me


You are allowed to use it, it just makes it impossible to take action against trolls as we do not have an IP Address to link to the forums. Alternative options would be the Weebly Form, Jot and other online forms, there are quite a few out there.

Basically taking a look at the user’s history in the VA category specifically. Whether they’re for/against VAs, encouraging toward new VAs, etc.