A few issues

When I try to start a Cessna Caravan, it starts and then turns itself off, and I’ve also recently been doing patterns and flying with successfully landing, and the landing count isn’t going up in my stats.

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Hi! Can you confirm your master switch is switched into the on position and that you have sufficient fuel?

Are you:
•Landing on an actual runway
•Have all landing gear touch the runway (not bouncing and porpoising)
•Landing after 30 seconds from each landing

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All are yes.

I’ve also had issues with the caravan. I experience the same as you and then some. My caravan always, instead of going forward, it goes up all at once, like a helicopter. It’s quite odd.

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You need to have more than 5 minutes of flight time for the landings to count in your stats

Thats not true


Actually it is true I went to a regular and he told me the information of touch and goes and you need 5 minutes or more for it to count in the flight time (TOTAL time) doing your series of Touch and Goes

Not 1 full touch and go to be 5 minutes no no

This is not true. When I do touch and goes, the time from the first landing to the next is not 5 minutes. And when I de-spawn, the landings count.

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Something it that remember to do these in a live server

I am doing that.

Try the A10 and see if that makes a difference. On the flight information dashboard( bottom of screen) select landings as an option. You should see your landing counts as you perform touch and goes…on a live server. When you exit the system will add your new landings to your overall stats.


I know, and it doesn’t add.

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Which landing count are you referring to?

On the IF stats table.

IF stats table have 90 day landings and total landings

I know that…

Can you take a screenshot of your current stats page and upload here…we may be able to help or see exactly what you are referring to.

I was reffering to the landing count on the stats page on the 90 days landing.

Okay, what’s the max requirement for your current grade and how many landings do you have as per your table