A Few Expert Server Reminders

Hey IFC,
Disclaimer: This thread is not to be rude or disrespectful. It is just to review a few problems that I see everyday on expert server.

  1. Do not land if someone is still on the runway. This is the one I see most. If someone lands and your on short final and the person had not announced clear of all runways, you must go around. I’ve had to do that multiple times today at KASE. A good rule of thumb is 5nm spacing.

  2. Do not overtake planes that are in front of you. This is the worst one. When your on final on a slower plane you cannot overtake the plane by going higher. If your the higher plane you must go around because the lowest plane has the right away. When I plane came over me and overtook me I had to go around very carefully not to crash into the other plane.

  3. This only applies to airports where both sides of the runway have to be used. Example KASE. If I’m landing on runway 15 and the takeoff runway is 33 do not line up and wait on 33 until the other plane is off the runway.

  4. When you go around use max thrust especially at airports like KASE. Yes use max N1 because you need to climb as fast as possible and gain speed.

  5. Don’t escort others on expert. That’s for casual. Always try to not make the planes near you yellow unless instructed by ATC.

  6. Give enough spacing on the ground. This happens all the time. People run into the back of your plane and the pushback.

  7. If your going directly at another plane always turn right and the other plane should also turn to their right to avoid a near collision.

  8. At high altitude airports don’t go 300kts on a 15mn final with ATC just because your above 10,000msl. Use agl for that.

  9. Be professional!

I understand we all make mistakes but I hope this helps because I have seen so many of these thing happen to me on Expert Server.


Unfortunately I notice this happening quite often. Any users misbehaving or not following the rules will be reported by an IFATC controller. The rules should really be simple. 🤷‍♂️

Remember this is a simulator, not a game. This is not a Training Server anymore, this is Expert.

Thanks for sharing @TheFlyingGuy1 and this seriously applies to users in uncontrolled airports.


Thank you for that message. By the way to everyone who read this, if I forgot anything let me know and I’ll add it


This happened a few mins ago at KDEN, it’s stuff like this that makes me mad


Yep. Happens to me all the time :(


The delta was first in line and the other 747 just cut right though him, like whaaa

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The first picture is an example of 2. The plane was soon right over me so my best option was to go to the slowest speed possible and wait for the plane to pass me so I could go around while the other plane still landed

A big thing that makes DEN and KASE tough to do as ATC (i was DEN approach for awhile today after Gary) is the speeds.

People don’t understand that because you are still over 10,000ft you can still fly 300+kts. NO! Slow down! Use AGL as your guide for speeds and look at the aircraft around you.


I’ve noticed many pilots taking off at full throttle and going vertical at around 180 knots on the runway. This kind of behavior really isn’t fair to the pilots who are actually trying to fly realistically like me, which is why I tend to stay away from big airports with a lot of people.

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By vertical do you mean a full 90 degree vertical takeoff or just a normal rotation at 180kts? If it is a vertical takeoff then I can understand your frustration regarding realism but if it is a normal rotation, it shouldn’t be a major concern as long as there is no infringement with another plane

Yea that’s one that i forgot to add. I always use agl for that instead of msl

the guy doing stunts in front of me
this in the expert

My favourite number is all of them.

Amen - wish everyone had to read this a couple times

Please don’t post pictures of incidents on the expert server here. Discourse only has a limited space. You may still talk about your experiences though

Well, it has entire categories devoted to posting images and entire threads for same.

However, I do agree with the posting of images if names/callsigns are included. We don’t need to call out individuals.

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