A few concerns regarding long haul flights

Hello fellow airmen. Today I would like to share with you some concerns regarding long haul flights.

Let’s say I am on cruising altitude on a flight lasting 5 hours or more. As I am flying I want to do some other things outside my house. What if, for instance, an ATC center facility opens and tells me to contact center and I am not there. As to traffic I could check infinite flight tracker but outside my house I can still not climb or descend. So what do I do if I do not want to sit here all this time and go to do some other stuff until I get closer to my destination ? Is there any way I can monitor and control my flight even if I am not near my ipad - something like an add on or so ? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you

You are free to leave your device on a long haul, just be sure that you are not climbing or descending (don’t arm VNAV and be away from your device). If center decides to open up, they can tell if you’re active or away from your device and all actions are assumed unintentional.


You can track your flight using https://www.liveflightapp.com/. It will show you all your flight info, including eta to destination.

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